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Learn How to Make Soy Candle Easily

how to make soy candle

One day, I walk into a department store with my wife, and suddenly, the smell of fruits and flowers hit me.

Then, I wondered and asked:

What’s that smell?

My wife said:

It’s soy candles.

I’m surprised and wondered how do I make soy candles?

If you’re interested too, you need soy wax flakes, fragrance oil that you mix with candle dye. Using a glue gun, connect your wick and stabilizer to a jar’s bottom.

How to make soy candle
Photo by Pairfum London on Unsplash

Melt the wax and add color using candle dye. Thread the wick using a wick holder and pour the wax into the jar. Allow the candles to cool down.

Then, you cut the wick with scissors.

I would go to the process of making soy candles later.

What is a Soy Candle?

A soy candle has soy wax as its main ingredient. Soy candles are container candles due to the lower soy wax melting point of 49 – 82 Celsius. But, soy candles can also become pillar candles if additives are combined with the soy wax.

The fragrant smell of soy candles caught my attention so I would love to make a soy candle. Do you also want to make a soy candle? Come and read this article further and you would enjoy it!

Why Do You Need Make Soy Candles?

I always thought that soy candles are unique because of their smell. But then, it dawned on me that there’s more to soil candles beside the sweet smell.

Did you know that soy candles have benefits too?

Oh yes, and I’m happy that I found out about these benefits.

Here are the great reasons why do you need to make a soy candle:

Good for Agriculture

Unlike Paraffin candles that have petroleum content, soy candles come from soybeans. Petroleum isn’t renewable source and has awful effects on the environment. Since farmers grow soybeans, soy candle making helps them grow their crops and make money.

Wow, imagine the help you can give farmers if we make soy candles. Many people love soy candles so that we can buy soybeans more from farmers. Hence, a farmer would raise more money to grow more crops.

Provide Cleaner Burning

Compared to Paraffin candles, soy candles burn little soot as it burns. Paraffin candles burn more soot that results in black soot inside the jar and walls in your home. Soy candles are different because it offers a cleaner-burning so don’t worry about health problems.

Also, soy candles are non- toxic, so it’ good for and the environment.

Long-Lasting than Paraffin Candles

Most homeowners and candle users want a long-lasting candle. Here’s the good news – soy candles last longer than paraffin candles. Relax because there’s no magic spell in soy candles.

Here’s the secret:

A soy candle has a slower burning time and cold burning temperature. But, soy candles cost more than other candles. But, if you think of about the slow-burning time, this candle is worth it. Hence, you don’t need to buy candles often that lets you save money and effort. Of course, don’t forget that you make soy candles too, so there’s no hassle in going to the store often to buy candles.

Honestly, I’m amazed by this benefit, and I’m sure you are too!

Creates a Pleasant Atmosphere

People love the scent of essential oils and guess what, soy candles have that oil scent. Since soy candles burn slower than paraffin candles, the fragrant scent lingers at home. The sweet scent creates a pleasant atmosphere inside the house.

That’s not all. Did you know that natural wax holds the candle’s colors well? Hence, soy candles are more attractive because of this. For me, the sweet smell and attractive look of the soy candles are a perfect match. I love how the candle creates a beautiful atmosphere in my home, so I want to make soy candles.


Pleasant Atmosphere with candles
Photo by Taylor Hernandez on Unsplash

How Much Soy Wax Do You Need to Make Soy Candles?

Alright, before we go to the materials and instructions in making soy candles, you might wonder about this question:

How much soy wax do I need to make soy candles?

Well, the amount of wax depends on the container you have. Let’s say your jar has a reusable volume of 650mls. How do you determine the wax amount you need to make the candle?

It’s easy. First, fill the container with water up to where the wax should be. Then, leave enough headspace for the candle’s wick. Now, you empty the water on a jug or cylinder and take note of the measurement. You can use milliliters and grams in your measurement.

For example:

The jar’s volume measures 650mls, the volume of the jar would be 552.5g.

You would ask, how did you arrive in that volume?

It’s easy.

Since water weighs much as its volume, I multiplied the water’s measurement by 0.85.

Now, that we have the volume, it’s not bad to add a little more wax to make sure you have the desired wax measurement you need.

What You Will Need to Make Soy Candles?

Before you get excited with the candle making process, you should take note of the following materials in making soy candles.

The following are the essential things you need:

  • Soy wax flakes
  • Candle Dye
  • Fragrance Oil
  • Mason Jar
  • Wick and Stabilizer
  • Pencil or Wick holder
  • Thermometer Gun

Now, you’re ready to start making your first soy candle. Get prepared to dive into the process. Here we go.

Soy Candle Making Instructions

Step 1. Connect the candle wick to the stabilizer. Then, affix the wick and stabilizer at the bottom of the jar using a hot glue gun. Make sure to stick the stabilizer properly so that you don’t have trouble when you’re about to pour the wax.

Step 2. Now, it’s time to melt the wax, but you have to be careful during this process. Why? Soy wax causes a fire if you don’t melt it properly. So, use your double boiler in melting the soy wax.

Then, place a pan filled with water on the stove. Don’t forget to put a metal mixing bowl or Pyrex on top so that it holds the container in place for it not to submerge in water.

Turn on your stove to medium heat and boil the water. You pour flakes into the bowl and stir it using a spoon or whisk. For those who would like to know how to make candle fax from scratch, we covered that too.

Important note: Be careful upon using the whisk so that you wouldn’t see bubbles after the process of candle-making.

Step 3. Here comes the fun part – you now add color to the wax.

How do you do it?

First, make sure the wax is 82C but no hotter using thermometer gun. What if the dye flakes don’t melt quickly?

No problem. Turn on the heat a little. If you’re using black candle dye, you smash it up a bit and add the color to the wax. In this way, the dye would melt faster.

Now, here’s a question some of you might ask:

How much coloring do I need for this process?

Well, the amount of dye depends on the type of color and the size of the container. Try to do a little experiment on the color. For example, let a few drops fall from the spoon unto a parchment or baking paper. Remember: the temperature shouldn’t be above 180F because the dye doesn’t melt quickly.

I found out that soy wax doesn’t color like paraffin wax. So, if you observe that wax has no color yet, then you’re using a dye unsuited for soy wax.

Step 4. This step is the exciting part for me. Why? Here, we would add fragrance to the wax. Bring down the wax temperature to 150 to160F because candle fragrance oil would evaporate if it’s above this temperature. How will you find the right candle fragrance you need? You need to work out 1/10 of the total wax weight.

Then you divide the weight of grams you calculated by 10, and that would give you the amount you need. In case the fragrance is too strong, you reduce the wax weight by 7 to 9%. You can add 11 or 12% wax if you like a strong scent.

Step 5. Now, you thread the wick through a pencil or wick holder so that the wick appears in the center of the jar when you pour wax. Take note that this step is one of the essential steps you need to know. Why? Your candle would burn unevenly if you don’t place the wick to the wick holder properly. Also, be careful when you’re about to pour your wax so that the process is successful. I’m challenged a bit by this process, but this was fun to do.

You should try it and be amazed by the result. Now, we proceed to the last, and I feel most of you are excited to find out the result of the candle making process.

Step 6. Let your candles cool down and cut the wick using a pair of scissors. You should wait for days before you test the soy candles and give them as gifts.

We are done! Yay!

That’s it! I had fun making soy candles and you would too if you make one or two candles today.

Soy candles don’t only have a sweet smell, but these are fun to make as well.

So, come and unleash your candle making skills by making soy candles!

Learn How to Make Soy Candle Easily
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Learn How to Make Soy Candle Easily
If you’re interested too, you need soy wax flakes, fragrance oil that you mix with candle dye. Using a glue gun, connect your wick and stabilizer to a jar’s bottom. Melt the wax and add color using candle dye.
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