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TOP 9 Best Yankee Candles You Should Buy in 2021

Lemon Lavander Yankee Candle

You’ve heard about Yankee Candles, and you want to give it a try? Are you not so sure about what exactly do you want?

There’s no reason to be concerned!

This time, I’m bringing you the top 9 best Yankee Candles you should buy in 2021, and that is something new, for sure. Why? My today’s mission is to analyze candles made by one manufacturer. But this article is worth reading!

Want to know something more about the manufacturer itself? Consider it done!

The Yankee Candle is the biggest candle manufacturer in the United States, founded by Michael Kittredge in 1969. They sell many products, like scented candles, candleholders, dinnerware, and so on. Basically, if you want to decorate your home, this is where you look!

Are you wondering why the Yankee Candles should be your choice? Let me tell you why.

  • Long Tradition – Whether you admit it or not, long tradition is one of the best guarantees of good quality. It is impossible to have a successful business for 51 years if you sell low-grade products.
  • Experience – A long tradition also brings experience. This company has been listening to requests of customers for years. Now, after all, improvements over the years, they offer only the best-scented candles adjusted to your needs.
  • Shipping Worldwide – No matter where you live, you can count on these candles’ safe delivery. You can order online, anywhere, anytime!
  • Decoration and Atmosphere – The fact is that all scented candles create a relaxing atmosphere in your home. It is also true that their decorative aspect is irreplaceable if you want to make some creative improvements.

As you can see, if you still haven’t try Yankee Candles, it’s about time to try it. In this article, I will make a choice more comfortable for you to know what to expect after buying some of the forthcoming candles.

Sit back and enjoy because the top 9 best Yankee Candles you should buy in 2021 are coming!

Top 9 Best Yankee Candles

#1 – Yankee Candle – Lilac Blossoms

Lilac Blossoms Yankee Candle

Since I have to start somewhere, I’ve decided to start from Yankee Candle – Lilac Blossoms. Maybe that’s because blossoms always remind me of new beginnings. However, you are here to find out something more about the candle, and I’m here to tell you. Let’s go!

Who doesn’t like the sweet, refreshing scent of a lilac blossom? That is precisely what you get with Yankee Candle – Lilac Blossoms. The fragrance is a delightful combination of lavender and white and purple lilacs.

It feels like spring during the whole year thanks to fresh notes of lilac. On the other side, a decent lavender scent brings calmness into your home. We are all well informed about lavender’s positive aromatherapy effects on our senses.

This candle comes in a large glass jar and has a glass lid on the top. Under the glass, the beautiful purple color of the candle is entirely visible. It weighs 2,52 pounds, and the height is 6,6 inches.

The best thing about large jars is that they always contain a giant candle. And, a huge candle means only one thing: a lot of burning hours! That’s the case with the Yankee Candle – Lilac Blossoms. The burning time goes up to 150 hours, which is perfect!

I have to mention the decorative effect of the candle as well. A deep purple color can fit in many styles, but especially elegant ones. So, if neutral, basic colors prevail in your home, this candle might bring some discreet refreshment without spoiling the main style idea.

Be prepared on many hours of lilacs’ delightful smell if you buy the Yankee Candle – Lilac Blossoms. It will fit so perfectly that it will be hard to imagine life without this lovely smell. All recommendations!


  • Large Jar
  • Delightful Lilac Smell


  • No Cons Found

#2 – Yankee Candle – French Vanilla

French Vanilla Yankee Candle

The second candle on my list has many similarities, but differences as well with the previous candle. I am here to analyze both, so you know what to expect of each candle. Let me tell you a few words about this beauty.

The elegant color and decent scent beautify the Yankee Candle – French Vanilla. It looks some kind of soft and delicate, but it won’t go unnoticed. Because of its light beige color, it could fit anywhere without looking superfluous. Anyway, I would rather suggest it for elegant-styled rooms.

The unique French vanilla fragrance is the most crucial difference. It is a sweet combination of milky notes, vanilla, and butter. But don’t worry: the scent is not too overpowering! Actually, this may be the lightest fragrance of all here.

This is another long-lasting candle with burning time from 110 to 150 hours. If you trim the wick, you won’t have any burning problems. The jar is huge, just like the previous one, but the color is different like I already mentioned.

Unfortunately, sometimes a little bit darker (brown) stains appear on the wax. I’m not sure why this is happening, but guess it is from essential oils, and it is the most visible on this light-color candle. Of course, stains are not the rule but the exception.

All in all, the Yankee Candle – French Vanilla is an elegant candle that is an excellent solution for someone sensitive to strong scents. You’ll have to invest a few dollars more in this one, but you won’t regret buying it!


  • Pleasant Smell
  • Long-lasting Candle


  • Possible Dark Stains
  • Light Scent

#3 – Yankee Candle – Balsam & Cedar

Balsam Cedar Yankee Candle

Just to be clear, in this article, I write about large candles only! Why? Since I am a big candle lover, I appreciate candles that burn for a long time, without worrying that they’ll let you down. These giant long-lasting candles are perfect for that.

Here, I’m coming back to the topic after the small digression. Christmas is my favorite holiday since I was a kid because of the atmosphere and togetherness and smell. Do you know that unforgettable smell of the Christmas tree? There it is, in this jar!

The Yankee Candle – Balsam & Cedar offers an entirely new fragrance that will keep the wood’s spirit in your home. Dominant notes of pine balsam, sandalwood, cedar, herbs, and musk create a fantastic combination that will leave you speechless.

This scent will remind you of both the Christmas tree and that particular day in the woods when you could breathe with ease like never before. So, the fragrance brings refreshment and warmth at the same time. One more thing: this scent is strong enough to overwhelm an entire large room or even more.

The appearance is the benefit as well. The deep green color is somehow mysterious and classy, but it is also easy to arrange with other decorative accessories. You will appreciate its decorative side during Christmas when green goes perfectly with red and golden colors.

The Yankee Candle – Balsam and Cedar is an excellent investment to fill your home with warm and positive vibes. However, I would suggest buying it during the winter because it’s not really a “summer candle.”


  • Strong Scent
  • Perfect Christmas Gift


  • No Cons Found

#4 – Yankee Candle – Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home Yankee Candle

Home is probably the best place on the Earth, and I always like to go back there, no matter where I go. I am sure that most of you share the same feeling. So, wouldn’t it be great if we could take the piece of our home wherever we go? Now, we can!

The Yankee Candle – Home Sweet Home helps you to keep the warm feeling of home. The fragrance is the combination of apple, cinnamon, and tea, which is absolutely stunning. Unfortunately, the scent is not too strong like I hoped it would be.

This candle comes in a large glass jar, as well. Through the glass, the beautiful dark red color shows. I personally find it very decorative because it’s suitable for the kitchen, bedroom and living room. It gets on value when you leave it in the kitchen because of its “food and spices” fragrance.

The wick is made of 100% natural fibers. Just make sure to trim it before lighting a candle. That way, you’ll get a nice and even burn that we all love.

I would also like to mention that I prefer the Yankee Candle – Home Sweet Home during the autumn and winter. It just has that kind of vibe. When I feel too lazy to make an apple pie or cinnamon tea, lighting this candle is a great option. At least you’ll get the smell of apple and cinnamon, if not the taste!

After all, this is a lovely candle that will create a warm atmosphere during rainy days. If the strong scent is not imperative to you, the Yankee Candle – Home Sweet Home might be the one for you!


  • Pleasant Smell
  • Creates Warm Atmosphere


  • Weak Scent

#5 – Yankee Candle – Sage and Citrus

Sage Citrus Yankee Candle

I always try to recommend some citrus candles in most of my articles. That’s because I know how many citrus lovers are out there, waiting for their perfect citrus candle. Is this the one? Let’s find out together!

The Yankee Candle – Sage and Citrus is a long-lasting candle that burns for hours and hours (110-150 hours to be precise). It burns slowly, that’s why it lasts for so long. If you follow instructions on the declaration, it will burn evenly as well.

The scent contains fresh notes of citrus, lavender, musk, wood, and similar. This is not a typical citrus smell; it is some kind of herbal scent with citrus notes. Not everyone is a fan of floral aromas, and this is a great escape from that.

Thanks to a mild green tone, it looks very elegant and stylish. For example, if you arrange it with slices of dry lemon and twig of some greens, you’ll create a modern interior in a few minutes.

The most common complaint is the lack of citrus notes. As I already mentioned initially, some people genuinely love the strong citrus smell, but that is not what Yankee Candle – Sage and Citrus offers. When it comes to this candle, the scent is herbal more than citrus. Actually, the citrus is barely noticeable.

It is up to you to decide whether you want a mild citrus scent or not. This is not the candle for those who want overwhelming citrus scent all over the place.


  • Elegant Design
  • Long-lasting Burn


  • Weak Citrus Smell

#6 – Yankee Candle Elevation Collection – Sweet Nectar Blossom

Sweet Nectar Blossom Yankee Candle

Well, this is something different! If you thought that I would keep with the same candle type, this one would dissuade you. I will recommend this one in case you want something different, although the essence stays the same. Let’s check it out!

The Yankee Candle Elevation Collection – Sweet Nectar Blossom is a unique candle since it has two wicks! The unwritten rule is to light them at the same time to burn evenly.

The candle comes in the large glass jar that looks very elegant, thanks to the soft corners and nude color. There is a metal lid on top of it. But, the catch is that you can put the cover under the candle, and it fits perfectly. It looks perfect as well, like some kind of pedestal.

The Yankee Candle Elevation Collection – Sweet Nectar Blossom provides a delightful fragrance that will soon become your favorite! Soft notes of vanilla, lily, and coconut will create a charming and inviting atmosphere in a minute. This scent is not overpowering, but you will feel it for sure.

The candle burns from 65 to 80 hours, depends on conditions. You have to agree: that is still a long time, although it’s shorter than at previous candles. This is a large candle as well, but I believe that two wicks cause shorter burning time.

Everything is almost perfect, except for one small detail. Problems with burning appear sometimes. It is hard to achieve that two wicks burn evenly and have a large flame simultaneously.

However, The Yankee Candle Elevation Collection – Sweet Nectar Blossom is one of the best candles you can buy. Its elegant look and fantastic smell will leave you breathless. It is a real challenge to purchase only one!


  • Elegant Design
  • Two Wicks
  • Amazing Smell


  • Possible Burning Problems

#7 – Yankee Candle – Mountain Lodge

Mountain Lodge

With this one, I’m back at large jar long-lasting candles. I’m just going to present more scents to you so that you can make your final decision. Let me skip to details!

There was a funny post on Tumblr that this candle will eliminate your need for men. Why? Because it smells like one! The joke on the side, it really increased the popularity of the Yankee Candle – Mountain Lodge, but there are some facts.

In the beginning, let’s say something about that famous smell. Notes of cedarwood and sage actually provide a unique fragrance combination. I wouldn’t say that it smells like a man, but it brings the excitement and warmth at the same time. It kind of calls you for an adventure!

The Yankee Candle – Mountain Lodge is one massive candle that will take a central position on the table or shelf. It is brown, so it fits perfectly in some wooden house or cottage. Also, if the dark wood dominates in your home, this is a perfect candle for you.

To be honest, it is a little bit pricey, but it always reminds me of some adventurous vacations and cozy nights by the fireplace. So, I guess that feeling is worth some extra money. After all, this is another long-lasting candle you can rely on.

Definitely the candle I would recommend. It will remind you of your days off even when you don’t know where to start with all your work. A good investment!


  • Unique Scent
  • Brings Back Memories


  • High Price

#8 – Yankee Candle – Lemon Lavander

Lemon Lavander Candle

Don’t worry, citrus lovers; I won’t let you down! Okay, maybe I will because I’m showing you a candle that is not 100% citrus one once again. Regardless, I’m sure you’ll love this one! I’m super excited to analyze it, let’s go.

The Yankee Candle – Lemon Lavander is a beautiful candle that will bring a brand new atmosphere to your loving home. If you want to make some improvements in it, just buy this candle. It’s simple as that!

The fragrance is a lovely combination of lemon, lavender, vanilla, tangerine, eucalyptus, and similar notes. As it turns out, this is a perfect combination of floral and citrus scents that will wake up all your sense. I would also like to mention that I suggest buying this candle if you like strong scents, not the light ones.

The Yankee Candle – Lemon Lavander burns up to 150 hours, which is indeed a lot. But there is another benefit. The scent is long-lasting, and you can feel it hours after putting the candle out.

You are wondering where the catch is? Well, everything is perfect except for the price. Unfortunately, you can’t get such a great candle for a low price. However, I personally think that it’s worth every dollar.

If you are willing to invest a few dollars more into candles, this is the one. An amazing long-lasting scent, lavender color, and hours of pleasure are excellent reasons to buy it.


  • Strong Delightful Scent
  • Long-lasting Scent


  • High Price

#9 – Yankee Candle – Mediterranean Breeze

Mediterranean Breeze Candle

My impressive list wouldn’t be complete without this refreshing beauty. I think I owe you one candle that brings nothing but the freshness, and this is the one. Lovers of summer breeze, here we go!

The Yankee Candle – Mediterranean Breeze is a large candle that will provide many freshness and relaxation hours in your home. It burns up to 150 hours so that you can enjoy this lovely candle for a long time.

This candle’s blue color is very suitable for decoration, especially when it comes to neutral, elegant styles. It can fit with almost every color, but it looks stunning in white or beige spaces. The size is also satisfying; it is noticeable and charming.

The fragrance is the thing that I like the most about the Yankee Candle – Mediterranean Breeze, and I’ll tell you why. It is a decent combination of citrus and amber notes. Although it is not too strong, it still leaves a fresh and clean fragrance all over the place.

That is precisely what you feel: cleanness in combination with the fresh Ocean. It is truly capable of reminding you of the seaside and salty air. That is why I like it so much!

Just like the previous one, the Yankee Candle – Mediterranean Breeze has a higher price as well. But, in my opinion, it pays off. After all, you can’t expect the breeze of the seaside in your home during the entire year for some low price. I honestly recommend this one!


  • Fresh Scent
  • Lovely Color


  • High Price

Are you ready to make a final decision and buy one of the top 9 best Yankee Candles in 2021? If not, I am here to remind you of the essential items before purchasing a Yankee Candle.

3 Substantial Items to Consider Before Buying Yankee Candles

  • Scent – The most significant difference between all these candles is their fragrance. A strong or mild one, floral or citrus, the decision is yours.
  • Price – As you can see, the price is not the same for all candles, so you should decide what to do. Are you ready to invest more money to get a mind-blowing product?
  • Color – This is not the most crucial thing in the world, but we all must agree that candles are an important part of the decoration. Try to find one that fits into your home!

There’s no way to make a wrong decision because I presented you with the top 9 best Yankee Candles you should buy in 2021. However, I would recommend buying Yankee Candle – Lemon Lavander because the quality of that scent is worth every dollar.

Think about it and add a new candle to your collection!

Meanwhile, if you get interested in making your own candles, visit my guide for the best candle making kits. You will enjoy it!

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