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How to Make Organic Candles

How to make organic candle

Before we started making our candles, we used to buy them. One day I noticed that new candles we bought in the local store are getting sootier after burning.

I asked Google what’s the reason. Do you know the answer?

Answer is:

It is because of Paraffin wax.

We get Paraffin wax from Petroleum waste, so this is not making candles healthy and natural.

Organic candle in glass jar

After that, I wanted to know:

How to make organic candles?

The answer is:

Use Beeswax instead of Paraffin wax.

Beeswax is natural and we get it from Bees.

If you’re going to make organic candles, you will need to remove all unnatural ingredients.

Paraffin Candle Wax

As we can see at Wikipedia page for Paraffin wax, we are getting it from Petroleum.

When Paraffin wax is burning, it releases toxic substances which can be very bad for your health. Sometimes it can cause cancer, but that’s rare. So if you care about your health, you better watch these things.

I recommend reading the ingredients of candles you are buying online or at your local shop.

If you are obsessed with candles like we are, and they are burning in your home almost all day, then you should consider getting or making organic candles.

You don’t want toxic things to evaporate in your home, especially if you have kids and pets. They are more sensitive then elders.

For those with asthma, Paraffin can activate asthma quickly.

What can you do to prevent these things is to start using organic candles or to use fewer candles made with Paraffin.

Our choice was to leave behind us those candles and begin using something healthier.

Beeswax for candle making

Beeswax is natural wax, and we are getting this wax from bees. People are using Beeswax for many things, such as plastic or lubricant, for making candles, and other cosmetic preparations.

It is much better to use natural wax for making candles.

In case you are asking why it is better to use natural wax, we are going to answer you on that question. Beside that, we are getting it from bees, and it’s natural, Beeswax is also very healthy. When burned, it will not release toxic materials.

It will release healthy substances, and it will make you more relax and calm.

So if you are here to learn how to make organic candles, this is something you will need to change and start using in the future.

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Where to buy Beeswax for candle making

Now when we know everything we need to know about Beeswax, you may wonder:

Where to buy it?

We like to purchase online everything we can buy from the internet. Those are mostly smaller things, and we are not going to buy, for example, a fridge from Amazon. That’s something we will visit the local store.

The best place to buy Beeswax from the Internet is Amazon.

There is plenty of good sellers. Something you will need to look at when buying is that Beeswax is 100% natural. Also, take a look at the customer reviews and what others say about the product.

It would be best if they already used that Beeswax for candle making. Sometimes you will see a lot of positive customer reviews, and product will not meet your expectations.

Now when we know where to get Beeswax, we need to cover one more thing before we start making our first natural candle.

Cotton Candle Wick vs. Wick with Metals

This is something we didn’t know at the beginning.

We didn’t know that some candles are using wicks with metals in it.

So we did research again, and we found news that US Consumer Product Safety Commission did ban lead-cored wicks in April of 2003.

How they still produce candle wick with this, we don’t know. Maybe they are from Europe or Asia.

What’s the replacement for lead-core wick?

An alternative is a wick made from cotton.

Not only this wick is burning longer, but they will not affect your health. Like we said for Beeswax, we like to order it from Amazon. I

t’s not expensive, and we like to buy it more at once.

Recipe How to Make Organic Candles


Enough talking, let’s start making organic candle finally.

We will need a few things before we start creating. We already covered Beeswax and Cotton wick, next thing we will need Essential oil by your choice and the one you like the most. We need a jar; for this example, we will use a glass jar.

  • Step 1. If you have wax warming then use it to warm Beeswax, if you don’t have it, you can use something else for that. Be careful here, so you don’t burn all your wax. That happened to use the first time we tried. If you don’t know what to use, you can always use a stainless steel bowl. We all have one in our home we are not using. So it can be used for this experiment.
  • Step 2. Next, you will need to add Essential oil to the Beeswax and mix it. Here comes tip: it’s the best to try 25 drops per ounce of wax. Later you can experiment and see what’s best for you. If you don’t like a smell of honey, then you should use more oil. My wife’s sister is allergic at the honey smell, so when we are making candles for her, we add a couple more drops of oil to destroy natural scent. If you don’t have your favorite EO, then you be looking for 100% natural oil, without chemical od additives. We prefer to use aromatherapy and organic EO. You will find something you like, no worries.
  • Step 3. When we have everything mixed, melted, and prepared, we need to put a cotton wick into the bottom of our glass jar. If it is not standing still, you can use double-sided tape to stick it at the bottom. In the previous article, we mention in our article how to make lotion candles using larger wick so it would be better this time also to use a larger one. If you think you are going to destroy this way your candle wick, add everything else first in a jar and at the end add the candlewick. By this way, you will save it from destroying by melted wax.
  • Step 4. The last thing is to add your melted Beeswax mixed with Essential oil into a glass jar and wait to harden. Add it very carefully, so it doesn’t go on sides of the jar. This way, it will look more beautiful and cleaner. Light the wick and enjoy in your natural candle.

What we’ve learned?

Making organic candles is so easy.

There is no point to buy them unless you are lazy or you don’t like to make them. That’s fine, and I understand that.

Now you can experiment a lot; you can use different jars or candle molds, essential oils, and all other things to make your candles even better. Also, this can be a beautiful gift for your friends.

If you like to cook, you can use a candle while you are cooking. We like to use candles all day, especially at night while watching our favorite TV series.

And don’t forget to share your experience in the comment section.

How to Make Organic Candles
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How to Make Organic Candles
I wanted to know how to make organic candles, and the answer is to use Beeswax instead of Paraffin wax. Beeswax is natural and we get it from Bees.
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