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Step by Step Guide: How to Make Candles in a Jar

how to make candles in a jar

Have you ever noticed the costs of some jar candles recently?

If so, you will 100% agree with me when I say:

They can be absurdly ridiculous!

Unfortunately, for the majority of people like me, they are an essential part of the home. I am just so used to having them that the price nearly looks justified.

Luckily, I am going to go over how to make candles in a jar so that you could save more money in your wallet, make the specific type of candle you want, however extraordinary it might look.

how to make candles in a jar
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Creating a simple jar candle is an excellent way to learn, and it’s so much fun as well. Candle making could be a very entertaining and complicated procedure.


It doesn’t need to be.

That’s true; particularly if you are searching for something fun to do which you can share along with your friends and family. Making such candles isn’t the cheapest hobby either, but you will find several cut corners.

Making candles in a jar could look like a simple process. You melt the wax, add dyes and fragrances and transfer the wax into the jar. Nonetheless, behind a wonderfully made candle is a lot of trial and error.

Later on, you will learn how to create one.

What are the reasons to make candles in a jar?

One of the main benefits of jar candles is that they are portable. They could be placed anywhere in your office or home where there’s a flat surface. You don’t need to worry about looking for a coaster, candleholder, or other containers.

The jars in which the candles are contained differ massively from a simple glass container suitable to a votive candle to many ornate designs. The glassware also lends to decoration.

Scented candles in a jar offer you the chance to offer your loved ones or friends a thoughtful present. It is something with a bit of care. You can guarantee it will fit perfectly with the sense of style and preferences of your recipient.

The best thing here is that it doesn’t cost our planet. Even scented candles created by the top manufacturers are modestly priced. That denotes you could avail to pop one or two candles in your bag for your own use too.

Are there specific glass jars, which are not safe for making candles?

Short Answer:


You will find specific containers you must prevent using when making candles in a jar. You must look for a jar that has a wide diameter so that it could be extinguished and lit easily.

Go for a jar having lids, which help the candle retain its smell. It will also help prevent debris and dust from amassing in the candle.

How much amount of fragrance do I need for my candle?

Multiply the amount of wax you’re employing by six percent to ten percent. That will offer you the amount of fragrance oil required.

For instance, if you have one-hundred grams of wax, you might need to use six grams or ten grams of fragrance oil.

What kind of fragrance oils should I use to my candle?

We suggest that you utilize fragrance oils to perfume your jar candle. These types of oils are formulated to blend with candle wax, accomplishing the preferred scent in your candle.

Nonetheless, take note that you can scent your candles along with herbs or essential oils too. Just practice precautions to make sure they do not lower the burn of your candle.

Photo by Jillien Minera on Unsplash

How do I measure how much dye to use in my candles?

Knowing the amount of dye to utilize in your candle will vary on the type of dye you utilize. It will also depend on the strong level of your candle.


If you are one of those beginners out there, I suggest buying dye blocks.

You can include dye blocks to your liquefied wax. Using dye blocks lower the risk of coloring the candle.

You only need to shave the dye block into the melted wax through a shredder. After that, you can check the color by dropping a spoon into the wax. Check the color after it sets on your spoon.

Are essential oils good for my jar candles?

Did you know that essential oils could be utilized in making candles?


Those could have a random scent pitch compared to fragrance oils.

Fragrance oils are formulated to attach to the wax. It’s suggested that you test along with six percent fragrance oil. That is six grams or every one-hundred grams of wax and experiment your way up.

You need to pay close attention to the flashpoints of the essential oil.

That’s the critical temperature where the essential oil disperses.

Therefore, when you mix the essential oil with wax beyond its flash point, the scent will vanish from the candle by the moment the candle has chilled.

If you’re not certain whether the wax you will use could hold essential oils, you can always ask the manufacturer for more details.

Things You Will Need

Before you get started, you will require a few basic supplies.

  • Thermometer – You could also use any kitchen or candy thermometer. It’s a vital piece of tools you need to make a candle in a jar.
  • Wax – You also need to buy wax. You could normally find ten pounds blocks of paraffin wax at your local craft store. If you don’t wish to buy wax, you could use some old candles you have around your home. If you use something you have already, you need to ensure it doesn’t have a thick outer coating.
  • Dye – If you wish to add color into your candles, adding dyes will do the trick. You could also utilize crayons if you’re in a jam. However, you could have some problems with how your candles burn.
  • Fragrance Oil – What’s a candle in a jar without a scent? You won’t have a good smelling candle without some fragrance oil. The best thing here is that a tad of fragrance oil will surely go a long way.
  • Wick – You need to have a wick to light your candle. Wick comes in different sizes depending on how big a circle of wax you prefer on burning. Aside from wicks, you will also require metal tabs.
  • Container – It’s the last thing you will need. It could be as basic as a jelly jar. You could find different cheap and neat containers at yard sales or thrift stores.

Procedure on Making a Candle Jar

Now that you have all of your supplies, it’s time to gather up the following equipment: ice pick, glass measuring cup, pliers, wax paper, cutting board, big knife, thermometer, wooden spoon and sauce span.

  • Step 1. You will like to prepare your workspace through laying out wax paper. Set your open jars on the paper. You will also like to go ahead and lay the rest of the equipment by the stove.
  • Step 2. Divide the wax and put it in your saucepan on a low heat. Ensure it is melting slowly. Keep adding the wax as it begins to melt. Take note that wax is flammable. Be careful enough not to let it go more than 250 degrees. That’s the main reason why a thermometer is a vital piece of equipment.
  • Step 3. Next, prepare the wicks. Slice the wick based on the height of your candle plus an inch. Push it into the hole on the metal tab with an ice pick or a toothpick. Bring your pliers and crimp it down tightly. Dip the wick in your melted wax and hold it straight while it cools. Doing this will allow it to remain straight in the jar.
  • Step 4. Before you begin pouring your wax, you will like to make sure that the wax has a suitable temperature. Preferably, you wish the wax to be between 170 and 180 degrees. If it is hotter than that, transfer the saucepan from the heat so it could cool. At that point, you will like to go ahead and include your chosen dye and fragrance too.
  • Step 5. After you start pouring your wax into the jar with a glass-measuring cup, you like to start along with an inch of wax. At this case, you need to bring a stick and push the metal stab down into the bottom of your jar. You also need to ensure that the wick is in the middle. Once cooled, make sure the wick has remained straight. Pour in the rest of the wax.
  • Step 6. After you have filled all the jars, let them sit for at least twenty-four hours for them to harden totally. After that, you can now trim the wick and start enjoying your candles!

You are done!

Are you now ready to create your candles in a jar? Was this so difficult?

If you follow all the steps I provided above, it won’t be so. You will surely make the best candles in a jar you always wanted.

Just be careful when handling hot materials.

If you have any queries or questions feel free to comment below and I will do my best to help you.

Enjoy your candle making!

Step by Step Guide: How to Make Candles in a Jar
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Step by Step Guide: How to Make Candles in a Jar
Creating a simple jar candle is an excellent way to learn, and it’s so much fun as well. Candle making could be a very entertaining and complicated procedure. However, it doesn’t need to be.
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