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These are 15 Best Candles to Buy in 2021 (ULTIMATE GUIDE)

Milkhouse Candle Company – Creamery Scented Soy Candle

Is it hard for you to find the best candles to buy in 2021 with so many options on the market? Have you already made some mistakes and you don’t want to repeat them?

You’ve just found the article you’ve been searching for!

Although choosing a candle might seem easy, it is not easy at all. It’s easy to get lost in the assortment and reviews. Ending up with an entirely wrong candle is not a rare occurrence.

That’s why I’m taking candle analysis to the next level!

People are aware of the benefits of candles for centuries. First, they were used as the primary source of light, but their purpose has changed. Today, as well, we have many different benefits from candles, so let’s answer the most critical question.

Why do we need scented candles in the first place?

  • Decoration – There is no easier way to change your home’s look entirely than buying a new candle. It is simple, quick, and you don’t have to invest a pile of money in it.
  • Unique Fragrances – All candles on my list provide delightful smells that you’ll fall in love with. Of course, I’ll show you different scents so that everyone can find something based on your preferences.
  • Improving the Atmosphere – I don’t know about yours, but my home gets a completely new vibe when I light a candle. All of a sudden, your home has soul, it is warm and cozy, and you would rather spend there all day.
  • Tension Reduction – This is already a fact: lighting a candle will help you forget about a long stressful day. You can relax during bath or yoga time without some complicated procedure. After all, 2021 is such a stressful year for all of us. We all need an extra scented candle in our home.

I think I gave you enough reasons to check out my list of 15 best candles you can buy in 2021. If so, let’s start!

15 Best Candles to Buy

#1 – Lulu Candles – Luxury Scented Soy Jar Candle

Lulu Candles – Luxury Scented Soy Jar Candle

It is not very simple to start somewhere, but my first candle makes it much more comfortable. The Lulu Candles – Luxury Scented Soy Jar Candle is one of the best candles you can buy these days. Wondering why? Keep reading!

The first thing that I would like to mention is the healthy aspect of this candle. It is made of entirely natural soy wax. It doesn’t contain paraben. Also, it is cruelty-free and vegan, so your conscious can be clear.

Let’s be honest: one of the most important reasons to buy a scented candle is the scent. This essential item is handled excellently in the Lulu Candles – Luxury Scented Soy Jar Candle. The smell is Fresh Linen, and all I can say is that it’s really fresh! The scent is not overpowering, but it keeps the room fresh with notes of cleanness.

There might be complaints about the candle’s size, but the size is declared, and you should consider it before buying it. Although it’s not big, it still burns for hours! During the adequate conditions, it burns for over 40 hours.

When it comes to the appearance, this candle is elegant and simple. The combination of black and white colors makes it very suitable for many home styles. I would highly recommend it for some minimalistic spaces to add a final touch without spoiling the main idea.

All in all, the Lulu Candles – Luxury Scented Soy Jar Candles is a perfect candle worth your money. I’m sure you’ll want to buy a few more after buying the first one!


  • Soy-wax Candle
  • Vegan Candle


  • Smaller Size

#2 – Yankee Candle Large Jar Candle Balsam & Cedar

Yankee Candle Large Jar Candle Balsam & Cedar

It is impossible to forget about the Yankee Candle Large Jar Candle Balsam & Cedar when you talk about the best candles to buy. There are so many things to say about it, so that I won’t waste your time with the introduction any longer.

Unlike the previous candle, this is one extremely large candle, and it will last forever. To be more precise, it lasts from 110 to 150 hours, which is impressive! It burns slowly and evenly, so you can light it many times before saying goodbye to it.

Have you ever been in the woods and wish to stay there forever, in the fresh air, and surrounded by trees? Well, this candle can make it happen! When you feel the overwhelming fragrance of the Yankee Candle Large Jar Candle Balsam & Cedar, you’ll realize what I’m talking about.

Let me tell you something more about the fragrance. It is a delightful combination of sandalwood, herbs, cedar, pine, amber, and musk. It fills the entire room, and suddenly you can feel the freshness of the woods. Many people describe it as the smell of the Christmas tree, and I must agree.

Unfortunately, it is a little bit pricey, but I would still recommend it out of the question. Why? Because this large candle definitely pays off, and you won’t regret investing money.

I would recommend the Yankee Candle Large Jar Candle Balsam & Cedar any time, to anyone. A large, long-lasting candle with a magic scent: what else could you ask for?


  • Long-lasting Candle
  • Strong Delightful Scent
  • Large Candle


  • High Price

#3 – Capri Blue Candle

Capri Blue Candle

The next candle on my impressive list is this one: the Capri Blue Candle. I have to say in the very beginning that this is one very uncommon candle that you don’t see every day. Let’s check out other features to see if you like it!

The first thing that will catch your eyes is the incredible cobalt blue color. It is very noticeable and could change the look of your living room, for sure. If your living space is more neutral and minimalistic, this is the candle that would bring some excitement.

The Capri Blue Candle has a metal lid on the top. Of course, you will take it off, but if you need to transport the candle somewhere else, it is much more practical with the lid on.

The scent will take you to some exotic beach, and very soon, you’ll be able to imagine a delicious cocktail in your hand. Once you light it, you’ll sense a fruity citrus smell. Still, it is not too sweet and is very pleasing for the senses.

As a complaint, I would mention some small burning problems. Precisely, it sometimes makes some kind of wax tunnels because the wax doesn’t melt evenly. To avoid these problems, try to burn the candle for several hours each time. That could help!

A higher price is something you have to accept if you want the Capri Blue Candle in your collection. But, if you consider that it burns for up to 85 hours, you can say this is a good investment.

After all, there are reasons to recommend this candle as one of the best. Fruity smell and eccentric look will bring some new breeze into your loving home. Just give it a chance!


  • Fruity Smell
  • Cobalt Blue Color


  • High Price
  • Wax Tunnels

#4 – DecoCandleS Urban Concepts Tranquility

DecoCandleS Urban Concepts Tranquility

Modern candles always leave me speechless, and this is one of them, as you can see by the name. It offers everything that a candle should offer without superfluous complications. In the forthcoming rows is everything you should know about it.

The DecoCandleS Urban Concepts Tranquility is one of these candles of the new generation. It is suitable for urban and minimalistic spaces, where you take care of functionality before everything else.

This is one simple white candle with black letters on the transparent label. The cork lid on the top is something that makes this candle utterly different from others. You can put the cover under the candle after taking it off.

The fragrance is a pleasant combination of lemongrass and wild basil, which is just perfect. The freshness will fill out the entire room in only a few minutes, but it is not overpowering. I would say it is a real fresh scent that will improve your concentration while working or studying.

Although the DecoCandleS Urban Concepts Tranquility is not a very large candle, it lasts for a long time. Besides that, the burn is clean and even, so you don’t have to worry about smoke.

In conclusion, this candle provides many benefits that I like. A subtle design, pleasant smell, and affordable price are just some of them. I am sure about one thing: if you buy this candle once, you will repurchase it. That is how great it is!


  • Modern Design
  • Pleasant Smell


  • No Cons Found

#5 – Premium Hand Poured Scented Candles

Premium Hand Poured Scented Candles

Before I tell you anything about this candle, I’ll let you know something about myself: I LOVE black color. To me, it is a definition of elegance. Since I love black color in all shapes, I love black candles as well. The Premium Hand Poured Scented Candles is a beautiful representative of black candles and deserves to be on this list. Let’s find out something more!

The elegant black design really beautifies the candle most simply. It is a part of the matte black candle collection. Golden letters on the candle are like the cherry on top. This golden/black combination will blow your mind!

A simple one-colored design makes the Premium Hand Poured Scented Candles so easy to fit into any space. It looks decorative but decent. This candle just completes the décor of your home without any further action. Also, it burns for 45 hours so you can relax and enjoy it.

The fantastic floral scent of jasmine and bergamot is maybe one of the best smells ever! It is not too sweet or too overpowering, but it’s strong enough to spread all over the room. You’ll get a desire to share this delightful scent with your friends!

The mind-blowing fragrance is not the only reason to donate the Premium Hand Poured Scented Candles as a gift. It comes in an elegant black box with a golden inspiring message. I’m sure I would like to receive it as a present!

I have to mention one more thing: you donate part of the money to an organization fighting against human trafficking by buying this candle. This manufacturer is known for its humane actions, and that is something that deserves support.

The Premium Hand Poured Scented Candles deserves attention for its delightful smell, elegant design, and humanitarian side. I can’t find a reason not to buy it!


  • Delightful Scent
  • Elegant Black Design
  • Long-lasting


  • No Cons Found

#6 – T&H French Lavender and Vanilla Candle

T&H French Lavender and Vanilla Candle

You know that feeling when you order a candle online, and when it finally arrives, it is much smaller than expected? Well, that won’t happen with this one! You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the size. What else the T&H French Lavender and Vanilla Candle offer? Let’s find out!

When I think of relaxation, one of the first things in my mind is lavender. Its stress relief effect is out of the question. That’s why this candle will become your best friend sooner than you think.

The relaxing fragrance of French lavender and vanilla will make you feel like you are on some lavender field in France. If you love the strong (but still pleasant) lavender smell, the T&H French Lavender and Vanilla Candle are the ones for you. The overpowering fragrance will spread through the home!

Just like it’s declared, this candle burns for 80-100 hours. It has three wicks, but it burns slowly and evenly. This is precisely what I like about long-lasting candles: you can rely on them.

The candle comes in a purple glass jar with a metal lid on the top. It is practical to put it on when you put out the candle, primarily if you use it in the bathroom. Three wicks make the candle look unique and alluring.

There it is – a non-toxic, long-lasting candle with a delightful fragrance for your stress-relief moments. You won’t regret buying it!


  • Strong Scent
  • Long-lasting Candle


  • No Cons Found

#7 – Our Own Candle Company Smell My Nuts, Nice Melons, and Hot Buns

Our Own Candle Company Smell My Nuts, Nice Melons, and Hot Buns

These candles attracted me with their funny names, and I decided to give them a try. I didn’t regret it! I’m sure that you are amused by the manufacturer’s creativity as well, but let’s read what else they offer.

I’m bringing some innovations to the list with this item because you don’t get only one candle here. You get all three of them! This is always a great option, and I really love sets. They pay off more, and you have enough candles for a while.

At first, I laughed at their wacky names, but soon after, I realized that it makes complete sense. Hot Buns candle smells like cinnamon, Nice Melons is a combination of watermelon and honeydew melon, and Smell My Nuts combines banana nut bread, hazelnut, and toasted coconut. It makes perfect sense now, right?

These fragrances are delightful and kind of warm. They create a friendly atmosphere, so you can light candles while having a cozy dinner with your friends.

I can’t say that these are elegant candles, but they are catchy, just like their names! They can easily fit into some cozy urban spaces. One more thing is sure: they won’t go unnoticed!

If you are a relaxed person who likes a good laugh, but a good candle as well, this set won’t let you down. Also, the price is more than affordable when you know that each candle burns up to 100 hours! That is a lot of hours of enjoying, so I highly recommend this so-called Sassy Pack.


  • Long-lasting Candles
  • Three Candles in the Pack
  • Funny Names


  • Non-elegant Design

#8 – Chesapeake Bay Candle

Chesapeake Bay Candle

The essential benefit of scented candles is their aromatherapy effect; nobody can deny it. That is why I prefer relaxing, and fresh scent and this set provides precisely that. Are you ready for another candle? Let’s go!

This set contains two medium jar candles. The burn time of each is up to 50 hours. You can light them separately or simultaneously, depends on your needs or the occasion.

There is a wooden lid on the top of each Chesapeake Bay Candle. It is recommended to put them out by using a cover. The candles’ color is some shade of light turquoise, but it is not conspicuous at all. I would instead describe it as subtle and charming.

This set is called Balance + Harmony, and that tells a lot about candles. They are made to make you feel relaxed! Lighting them while studying or working on the laptop will help you concentrate and relax your senses.

Many fragrant notes are added in these candles, for example, apple, tropical fruits, bergamot, jasmine, rose, water lily, and clean musk. All in all, I would describe it as a floral scent with notes of pear and peach. The smell is noticeable, but it is not too overwhelming.

The complaint might go to tunnels that appear during the burning. It happens with many candles, but with the Chesapeake Bay Candle, it is a common problem. If this happens to your candle, warm the wax on the hot plate until it melts and evens.

This set is above everything else, subtle, but very charming at the same time. It might be beneficial during your yoga sessions, bath time, and reading time.


  • Charming Design
  • Relaxing Scent


  • Burning Wax Tunnels

#9 – Wax and Oils Soy Wax Aromatherapy Scented Candles

Wax and Oils Soy Wax Aromatherapy Scented Candles

There is one more treat for all lavender lovers, and I’m sure there are many of them. Since the lavender is ideal for stress-relief, this candle had to find its place on my list. Let me skip to the analysis.

Unlike previous candles, Wax and Oils Soy Wax Aromatherapy Scented Candle come in a metal container and has a metal lid on the top. This specific candle is a decent combination of purple and white colors, with some metal elements.

You don’t have to worry about the environment while using this candle because it is 100% made of soy. It’s also very natural, and there are no additives or paraffin. The package is 100% recyclable, so I can call it an entirely eco-friendly product.

In combination with notes of cedarwood and patchouli, lavender will bring a relaxing atmosphere to your home. The smell is noticeable, but not too strong. Maybe that’s the reason for headache reduction while using these candles.

Unfortunately, Wax and Oils Soy Wax Aromatherapy Scented Candles burn for 20 hours only, which is not enough for real candle lovers. But, there is a catch. Their price is very affordable, so the short burning time is justified.

As you can see, this is a smaller candle, but it has its benefits, like the delightful scent and low price. I suggest you not to leave it without supervision because thin metal might be flammable. So be careful!


  • Eco-friendly Candle
  • Low Price


  • Short-lasting Candle

#10 – YYHC Aromatherapy Scented Candles

YYHC Aromatherapy Scented Candles

If you thought that I would let you down and leave you without a proper candle set, you were wrong! Here comes the set that contains even six candles! Whether you want to buy it for yourself or as a gift, you won’t make a mistake. Keep reading for more information.

First of all, I would like to say that this is an excellent gift, especially for ladies. The manufacturer paid attention to the gift box, and it is obvious. The box is black with a lovely floral design. That is a combination I always love to see.

As I already mentioned, there are six candles in the set, and each of them is different. Each has a specific color and a particular scent. So, YYHC Aromatherapy Scented Candles is not one of these uniformed sets.

Fragrances are different. More precisely, in this set, you get vanilla, lavender, lemongrass, peach, ocean, and rose. There is something for everyone! Scents are pretty weak, but that is expected for candles of this size. Each candle burns for 16-18 hours.

The size might be the biggest complaint because these are tiny candles. However, you can light more of them at the same time to compensate for that deficiency. After all, combinations of some of these scents are lovely.

The thing I don’t like about YYHC Aromatherapy Scented Candles is that there are too many colors for my taste. Each candle is different, and it looks a little bit messy. But, if you don’t have a problem with that, go ahead!

I still think this is an excellent choice for a gift, but your own needs as well. After all, you have more options when you have more candles. Please make your decision and enjoy it!


  • Six Candles in the Set
  • Great Gift


  • Too Many Colors
  • Small Size

#11 – LA JOLIE MUSE Lavender Scented Candle

LA JOLIE MUSE Lavender Scented Candle

LA JOLIE MUSE never fails to surprise me. They did it again with the LA JOLIE MUSE Lavender Scented Candle, and that’s why I’m presenting it to you here. When it comes to scented candles, you never get bored of lavender, so recommending this candle is a bull’s eye in every sense.

This candle looks so classy that it just can’t go unnoticed. The ideal combination of purple, white, and grey with a decent floral pattern is simply mind-blowing. But remember, the LA JOLIE MUSE Lavender Scented Candle doesn’t fit anywhere. It is suitable for some elegant rooms. It will definitely get the decoration to the next level.

Lavender already showed all of its beneficial effects on our nerves and body. I won’t repeat that here, but I will say that this is one of the most pleasant lavender smells you can get in the candle. It doesn’t feel fake at all, thanks to the natural essential oils.

The burning time is from 45 to 60 hours, depending on conditions. It is excellent that the mild aroma stays even after you put the flame out. It is not overpowering, but it is very noticeable.

The manufacturer put some extra effort into the package as well. That’s why you get a charming gift box along with the great candle. And to be honest: I couldn’t be happier to receive this as a gift!

There are two wicks, so make sure to trim them on a regular basis. That provides an even burn and more burning hours of your lovely candle.

All I can say is: what are you waiting for? Buy this candle as soon as possible!


  • Classy Package
  • Delightful Fragrance
  • Perfect Gift


  • No Cons Found

#12 – Way Out West Aromatherapy Scented Candles

Way Out West Aromatherapy Scented Candles

It seems like I can’t get enough of lavender in this article, but I don’t feel bad about it. Lavender scented candles are the most popular ones. However, not every one of them is a good one, but this one is, for sure! The elaboration of this lovely candle comes in the next rows.

As I already mentioned, this candle provides a beautiful lavender smell. Actually, the candle’s name is Fields of Lavender, which tells you enough about the fragrance. It is a pure lavender smell, not too strong, but relaxing and soothing.

Healthy ingredients make Way Out West Aromatherapy Scented Candles even more desirable. Pure soy wax, essential oils, and the lead-free cotton wick will keep your environment unharmed. Also, thanks to the cotton wick, you’ll be spared of black smoke when you put out the candle.

Way Out West Aromatherapy Scented Candles take care of the package. This specific candle comes in a lovely glass jar. There’s a decent label in the front and the metal lid on the top that makes it even more practical. Don’t expect some impressive looking candle, but it is unique for its cuteness.

This is a pretty large jar (and the candle inside), so it offers a very long burn. To be more precise, it burns up to 60 hours.

The only complaint might be that the wax doesn’t melt evenly. Luckily, this is not a rule but an exception, and you shouldn’t be worried about it. However, I had to mention it because of all perfectionists out there.

This is the candle that might become your best friend after a long, stressful day. Light it before sleeping or during a bath, and you’ll recover in minutes.


  • Lovely Design
  • Pure Soy Wax


  • Possible Uneven Wax Melting

#13 – Bath & Body Works White Barn 3-wick Candle

Bath & Body Works White Barn 3-wick Candle

Here comes another unique candle; it’ll be hard to resist. I already mentioned that I love black color, so the Bath & Body Works White Barn 3-wick Candle meets that condition. What else this candle offers? Let’s find out together!

The black jar beautifies this candle, adding on its elegance and stylishness. It is a very useful piece of decoration. It is decorative enough to change the table’s look by itself, but you can also combine it with other decorative elements.

Another unique thing about its look is the fact that it has three wicks. You can light them at the same time, but that is optional. The only problem with three wicks is that sometimes one is missing. Imperfections like these sometimes happen without intention, so that I wouldn’t blame the manufacturer.

The fragrance is also outstanding, and you won’t believe it – it’s not lavender! Mahogany teakwood is the scent of the Bath & Body Works White Barn 3-wick Candle. Maybe you’re not sure what kind of smell is that, but I would compare it to some clean quality cologne. It is very masculine.

This classy candle burns from 25 to 45 hours, depending on conditions. It is just incredible how it eliminates all unwanted odors. Still, it’s not too overpowering, but it does the work.

In conclusion, the Bath & Body Works White Barn 3-wick Candle is entirely unique, and it won’t go unnoticed in your home. It is a simple piece of decoration and a useful air refresher.


  • Unique Fragrance
  • Elegant Design


  • Sometimes Comes With Two Wicks Only

#14 – Dynamic Collections Aromatherapy Scented Candles

Dynamic Collections Aromatherapy Scented Candles

I want to represent to you one more set before ending this list. You can buy it for yourself, but it’s also very suitable for a present. Let’s see what precisely this classy set offers!

The set contains two same-sized candles in the same color. The color is some shade of grey, which looks very lovely and unusual. Each candle has a black metal lid on the top, which helps you to put out the flame quickly.

I find Dynamic Collections Aromatherapy Scented Candles highly elegant. They would be an excellent decoration for minimalistic spaces. You would improve the look of your living room just by using these lovely candles.

The name of this specific candle is Mist. It doesn’t reveal the fragrance, but I am here to tell you something more about that. The scent is an exotic combination of peppermint, jasmine, and peach nectar. Discreet notes of blackberry, raspberry, and Clementine make it even better.

Each candle lasts for up to 80 hours, which is enough for your needs, I’m sure. Don’t expect some overpowering smell: it is mild and decent.

As a complaint, I would point out the ingredients. To be more precise, Dynamic Collections Aromatherapy Scented Candles contain soy wax, but paraffin as well. That makes them a bit less healthy, but if that doesn’t play a significant role in your decision, it is okay.

One more thing left. If you are looking for perfect candles to donate to your beloved ones, this set is what you need. It looks classy, and it offers many relaxing hours.

All in all, this is a beautiful set. I would recommend it at any time. Long-lasting candles that look great at the same time could never be an unsuitable investment. Get your set as soon as possible!


  • Elegant Look
  • Perfect Gift


  • Contain Paraffin

#15 – Milkhouse Candle Company – Creamery Scented Soy Candle

Milkhouse Candle Company – Creamery Scented Soy Candle

Just when you think that nothing can surprise you, here I am, coming with a new extraordinary candle! I am super excited to write about it, so let’s skip to details immediately.

In today’s market, it is so hard to stand out with so many candles out there. But the Milkhouse Candle Company – Creamery Scented Soy Candle managed to offer the best candles to very demanding customers. I chose one of the many great candles from this collection.

The heavenly fragrance of apple strudel will be a mind-blowing experience for your senses. Imagine this delightful scent spreading through your home! It feels inviting and creates a warm atmosphere. I like it the most during cold autumn or winter days.

The candle comes in a large butter jar. It is white and has a lid on the top. Once you use the candle, you can reuse the jar. It can be suitable for flowers or kitchen supplies.

The list of benefits doesn’t end yet. The Milkhouse Candle Company – Creamery Scented Soy Candle lasts for 120 hours or even more! It is a single candle that provides so many hours of joy. This fact never fails to amaze me, and I’m sure that every candle lover will be thrilled to pieces.

Buying this candle is possibly the best choice you can make. I can’t find anything to dislike about it, just the opposite. It offers a delightful smell, many burning hours, and a reusable jar.
I couldn’t ask for more!


  • Burns up to 120 Hours
  • Delightful Fragrance
  • Reusable Jar


  • No Cons

As I said initially, finding the best candle to buy in 2021 is not an easy task. However, I’m sure it is much easier after reading this article. I’ll just quickly remind you about the most important things to pay attention to

These are 3 MOST IMPORTANT Items to Consider Before Buying Candles in 2021

  • Appearance – A candle is a right decoration only if you find the appropriate one. Some interiors require elegant candles, while some require urban or funny candles.
  • Price – It is an essential item when buying anything. Try to find an adequate candle for your budget, but don’t forget about the quality and durability.
  • Fragrance – Scented candles won’t even exist if the fragrance doesn’t matter. It matters, so decide on what smell you prefer the most

You know that the final decision belongs to you, as always. However, I would suggest buying the Milkhouse Candle Company – Creamery Scented Soy Candle. It smells great and lasts like forever, an excellent investment!

If you would like to learn how to make candles at home, I would recommend you to check our best candle making books guide. It’s very useful!

Choose one from my list of 15 best candles to buy in 2021 and enjoy!

These are 15 Best Candles to Buy in 2021 (ULTIMATE GUIDE)
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These are 15 Best Candles to Buy in 2021 (ULTIMATE GUIDE)
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