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What Are the Best Candles to Help You Sleep Better?

How many times you fell into bed dead tired, but you couldn’t fall asleep? You wanted to sleep so badly, but your brain just didn’t cooperate?

This article is made for people with these kinds of problems!

As someone who had been dealing with this problem for years, I can say that it’s one of the worst and most frustrating feelings you can experience. No matter how tired you are, you simply can’t fall asleep, or it takes hours before you manage it.

Which are the leading causes of insomnia?

We have to detect the causes of insomnia before dealing with it. The most significant cause is, out of doubt, stress. Today’s modern world offers many opportunities to each of us, but it puts a heavy burden on us at the same time.

In any part of our lives (job, family, love field), problems we have affect our mental health. One of the consequences is a sleeping problem. You can’t switch off the brain in the evenings, so thoughts keep coming. That disables your organism to have rest.

High blood pressure is another reason that might keep you awake. It increases the risk of severe heart problems, so you should take care of it on time.

Psychical problems, like anxiety, are one of the main factors. Analyzing things over and over every night might cause severe damage. Lack of sleep can only make it worse, so it can become very dangerous.

This is where candles approach the scene! Read carefully and find out something beneficial for your sleep (and your health).

For the last few years, people have become more aware of the benefits that scented candles offer. Their relaxing and appeasable fragrances help you calm down if you choose the right ones. This article will be your practical guide through scents and candles, so stay with me!

What scents make you sleep better?

If you listen to your organism carefully, you’ll notice that some scents positively affect your body and mind. There are some well-known fragrances like lavender, but there are many more that you might not have discovered yet.

In case you need help finding appropriate scents and candles, you’re reading the right article! I’m not going to bother you with too many options but with the most favorable ones.

These are 5 best scents to help you sleep better

#1- Lavander

I’m sure that you are not surprised with this fragrance because it is probably the number one association for relaxing scents. Thanks to its well-known soothing effect, people use it as candles, soaps, shower gels, air fresheners, and many other ways.

It also lowers blood pressure, and we already said that high blood pressure might cause insomnia. One of the most practical ways to use lavender is a scented candle. Thanks to a candle burning, it spreads all over the room, and you’ll fall asleep quickly once your organism is relaxed.

These are the best 2 lavender candles:

#1 – Chesapeake Bay Candle Scented Candle

At first, I was attracted by this candle’s appearance because it looks a bit taller and unique. I didn’t regret trying it, so I’ll share my experience with you as well.

The Chesapeake Bay Candle Scented Candle is an entirely natural candle, without added paraffin. This is very important because you don’t need some harmful ingredients while getting a healthier sleeping pattern. This candle is vegan-friendly too.

The best decision would be to afford a lovely spa bath before bedtime. Light the Chesapeake Bay Candle Scented Candle and feel the stress leaving your body. Very soon, this will become your favorite habit.

This candle offers you over 70 hours of burn, which is more than enough for every candle lover. The fragrance is a beautiful combination of lavender and thyme. It will, out of the doubt, make you feel like you’re in a lavender field.

My recommendation definitely goes to this candle. Besides everything, it also looks very charming with its unique design and wooden lid on the top.


  • Lavander Smell
  • 100% Natural


  • No Cons Found

#2- Yankee Candle Lavender Scented Large Jar

This is the second lavender candle I would like to mention because I simply love it! It has so many advantages that it’s hard to count them all, but let’s try it.

The Yankee Candle Lavender Scented Large Jar is a candle made of quality wax, essential oils, and a cotton wick. It offers clean and even burns if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

This candle comes in a large glass jar with a removable lid on the top. Thanks to its size, the Yankee Candle Lavender Scented Large Jar provides many burning hours. To be more precise, it burns up to 150 hours! Isn’t that amazing?

This scent will become your best friend during the entire day, but especially before going to bed. When you want a solution for sleeping problems, this is the candle you’re looking for. Lavender is the main note, but subtle rosemary notes, bergamot, and sage make it even better.

The fragrance is not overpowering and heavy for your nostrils, but it is certainly noticeable. Lighting the Yankee Candle Lavender Scented Large Jar before taking a nap or going to bed for real is the best thing you can do. The room will be filled with this fantastic relaxing scent, and very soon, you’ll fall asleep.


  • 150 Burning Hours
  • Amazing Smell


  • No Cons Found

#2 – Lemon

This one might surprise you because people often don’t see the connection between lemon and relaxation. This is why I want to tell you a few things about how lemon affects your sleep, besides all widespread positive effects on your metabolism.

First of all, it reduces anxiety. As I already mentioned, anxiety is one very common cause of sleeping problems. It lowers blood pressure at the same time to make your body prepared for sweet dreams. Also, lemon turns out to be very beneficial for menopausal women.

These are the best 2 lemon candles:

#1 – Yankee Candle Sicilian Lemon Large

I admit it:

I am a big fan of Yankee Candles, especially large ones. That is completely justified if you consider their longevity and pleasant smells. Let’s read something more about this lovely lemon candle!

The Yankee Candle Sicilian Lemon Large comes in a large candle, as its name says. Its burning time is between 110 and 150 hours, which is great for one single candle. It means many hours filled with a soothing lemon smell!

The candle is made of 100% natural soy wax, well-favored for your health. The jar is huge. The color of the Yankee Candle Sicilian Lemon Large is yellow, and it really brings some incredible positivity to the room. It makes me feel better every time I see it.

The most important thing is the scent, of course. Its fruity lemon smell is strong enough to spread all over the house. Once you feel it, you’ll start to relax, you’ll slow down with occupations, and you’ll be entirely ready for bed in just half of hour.


  • Lemon Aroma
  • Large Candle


  • No Cons Found

#2 – Our Own Candle Company Lemon Poundcake

I always like to give you different options, something for everyone’s taste. That is why I’m presenting this set of four candles. In case you want to have one candle in each room, this is what you need.

As I already said, the Our Own Candle Company Lemon Poundcake contains four same-sized candles. If you buy them and like them, you’ll be calm for a while after purchasing these. Sometimes your family members have sleeping problems, so this is the right solution for the entire family.

As a matter of fact, these candles smell like a fresh lemon pound cake and not like a pure lemon. However, I don’t think that’s a reason to leave it out from this list. This combination actually creates a warm home atmosphere, along with relaxing lemon notes.

Burning time is up to 30 hours for each candle and, trust me, that’s a lot. I don’t particularly appreciate that they use paraffin in making these candles, but soy wax is blended with it.

The Our Own Candle Company Lemon Poundcake could be a lovely gift as well. If you know that your beloved person fights insomnia, do something for it and help it to sleep properly!


  • Warm Athmosphere
  • Nice Gift


  • Contains Paraffin

#3 – Frankincense

Some scents have many benefits, but somehow, you always forget about them because we don’t talk enough about it. This is why I’m going to write about frankincense and explain why it’s so helpful when you’re dealing with insomnia.

Not all people like this smell, but I love it. Maybe you just have to give it a chance and get used to it. Why? Because you will sleep like a baby thanks to this amazing healthy scent!

Frankincense helps with breathing problems in general because it opens breathing channels. This is known from ancient times, and people used it in medicine centuries ago. Besides that, its specific sweet and earthy smell helps reducing stress levels. In both cases, you will be happy to try it.

This is the best frankincense candle:

#1 – Frankincense and Myrrh Scented Soy Candle with Crackling Wooden Wick

The Frankincense and Myrrh Scented Soy Candle with Crackling Wooden Wick had to find its place on this list, and I would recommend it again any time. Are you wondering why I’m so in love with this candle? Then keep reading!

The first thing you’ll like about this candle is its elegant design. The design is very simple, but it can fit anywhere. It has a lid on the top that you can remove easily.

To me, the fragrance takes me to heaven every time I light the candle. Surprisingly, it is strong enough, and there is no unpleasant smoke smell after you put it out. Even if you never used this kind of candle, you should give it a try.

The Frankincense and Myrrh Scented Soy Candle with Crackling Wooden Wick is one completely natural candle. A carefully selected combination of soy wax, essential oils, and wooden wick keeps your home healthy. Also, you’ll have fun with these fun crackling wicks!

And last but not least, it burns for over 120 hours! In my opinion, this is the best frankincense candle, and that’s why my list of frankincense candles ends here. If you buy this candle, you’ll sleep like never before, so it is the best investment you can make.


  • Long-Lasting Candle
  • Amazing Calming Scent


  • Higher Price

#4 – Jasmine

I am sure that all of you are very familiar with the pleasant smell of jasmine. But, did you know that it successfully reduces insomnia? Let’s say a few more words about this lovely plant!

Jasmine’s scent is, out of doubt, one of the most popular perfume production notes. Although it might seem a little bit too sweet, the truth is that it affects our brain like some milder sort of valium.

The jasmine smell reduces heart rate, which is very important if you want to have a decent sleep. Also, it tranquilizes nerves like some natural sedative. What else could you ask for?

These are the best 2 jasmine candles:

#1 – LA JOLIE MUSE Jasmine Scented Candle

Writing this list without mentioning this astonishing candle would be a real blasphemy, so here it is! The amazing smell in an even more amazing package will make your days and nights so much better. Let’s check it out!

The LA JOLIE MUSE Jasmine Scented Candle is one of the most fantastic candles you can buy. It lasts up to 60 hours, which is pretty good for a candle of this size. However, I’m sure you’ll never stop on only one purchase of this candle.

LA JOLIE MUSE is a manufacturer known for the elegant designs of its candles. This candle is not the exception. It represents a real decorative candle that will take your home décor to the next level.

I’ll be free to say that this is the most beautiful jasmine scent you can find. It smells like real jasmine and not like some fake, too sweet, replica. The fragrance is very noticeable but undoubtedly pleasant.

The LA JOLIE MUSE Jasmine Scented Candle is another eco-friendly, non-paraffin candle. So, it is not harmful to you and your beloved ones. With this lovely jasmine smell, you’ll start to notice positive changes in your sleeping pattern very soon.


  • Eco-Friendly
  • Elegant Design
  • Strong Scent


  • No Cons Found

#2 – Candle Highly Scented Honeysuckle Jasmine

I will show you one more lovely jasmine candle, a little more affordable than the previous one. It definitely deserves to be on this great list because the calming jasmine smell is very noticeable here as well.

The scent is the combination of jasmine and honeysuckle, but jasmine dominates, which is simply outstanding. It is a bit milder than with LA JOLIE MUSE, but it eliminates odors. And, most important, it helps you deal with anxiety and tension.

The Candle Highly Scented Honeysuckle Jasmine is handmade. Manufacturer thinks of everything, so this is one vegan, cruelty-free and petroleum-free candle. There is nothing better than a candle that keeps your environment safe and healthy.

Also, don’t worry about paraffin: this is a 100% soy candle. Essential oils are the only addition to this lovely piece of nature.

By buying this candle, you’re buying peaceful and undisturbed sleep. When you think about it, this is a very low price for a more healthy life. After all, both jasmine candles are so amazing that you can’t make the wrong decision.


  • Vegan Candle
  • Affordable Price


  • No Cons Found

#5 – Chamomile

Talking about scents that help you sleep better and not mentioning chamomile would be a serious crime. After all, I have a habit of drinking chamomile tea every night before bed, and it really helps. Why not apply this useful routine to candle buying as well?

Roman chamomile is a very popular plant since the old days. In the Roman empire, people used it to prevent insomnia, and it worked very well. Not many things change since then, so we still use chamomile, and it always helps with sleeping issues.

Your stress will be at the minimum after lighting a chamomile candle. So, let’s see which chamomile candle is the best choice to sleep like a log.

This is the best chamomile candle:

#1 – Benevolence Scented Candle Aromatherapy Eucalyptus and Chamomile

This is the last but not least candle to check out in my useful article. This time, I’m going to analyze just one chamomile scented candle. It is quality enough, so there is no need for any other. Let me tell you something more about it.

If you are buying a candle to surprise someone else, the Benevolence Scented Candle Aromatherapy Eucalyptus and Chamomile is the one. It comes in a beautiful matte black gift box, so it could be a perfect surprise.

The candle as well comes in a black matte jar, so it looks exquisite. It is not suitable for too colorful spaces, but minimalistic ones. Golden letters on the pot make it even more sophisticated.

I know that the scent interests you the most. Good news: the smell is beautiful! It is an ideal combination of calming chamomile and refreshing eucalyptus. Very soon, you’ll light this candle every evening before going to bed.

Once again, soy wax is the main ingredient of the Benevolence Scented Candle Aromatherapy Eucalyptus and Chamomile. However, this is not a large candle, but it burns up to 45 hours, which is not a short burning time at all.

Regardless of buying it as a gift or for your personal needs, you can’t make a mistake with this elegant piece of art.


  • Elegant Design
  • Calming Scent


  • It’s not a large candle


After all, I’m asking you: do scented candles help you sleep?

From my experience, many people forget that scents can be useful when it comes to dealing with insomnia. It is also easy to make a mistake while choosing an appropriate candle, so you give up before you even started.

Remember:  not all scents are suitable for these kinds of problems. Some fragrances will wake you up, and you’ll get the opposite effect from the one you actually want. You won’t believe it, but this is a common mistake!

Even if you know which scent will help you sleep better, that is not the end of your troubles. Some candles are very unhealthy. Some manufacturers use cheaper ingredients. As a matter of fact, they don’t use essential oils made of actual plants, but they use some low-grade substitutes.

These are the reasons for writing this article. In my opinion, it is always better to inform yourself before buying a candle instead of making a mistake. Actually, collecting information is much more critical when you’re buying a candle to help you sleep better.

So, if you don’t know the answer to my question yet, use tips from this article while buying your new scented candle. You might be surprised by the benefits of a correctly chosen candle.

You are wondering what the most relaxing scent is?

I avoid giving universal answers because each person is unique. My organism reacts to some scents different than yours, and we have to respect these differences.

However, in previous paragraphs, I presented you with my favorite calming smells. Each of them reduces anxiety, eliminates stress, and puts you in a soothing mood.

These are 3 ESSENTIAL THINGS to know before buying a scented candle that helps you sleep better

  • Price – This time, don’t regret investing more money into a candle. Just remember: nothing is too expensive for a restful sleep. Investment in these candles is an investment in your health!
  • Scent – I repeat, each person has a unique organism, and your choice must be adjusted to that. Listen to your organism and your needs. Sometimes, you have to make a few mistakes before finding a perfect candle for yourself.
  • Ingredients – I mostly presented you with non-toxic candles, but always take another look when it comes to this. You don’t want toxins in your bedroom because they definitely won’t help you solve your sleeping issues.

It is hard to recommend only one candle, and it is more demanding than usual. But, my vote goes to the Frankincense and Myrrh Scented Soy Candle with Crackling Wooden Wick. The truth is that the smell of frankincense has the best results for my sleeping problems, and this candle is just wonderful.

In the end, I hope you liked my article. Give a chance to these pieces of advice because it could be life-changing. Good luck with your new scented candle. I hope you’ll sleep like a baby with these amazing candles!

What are the BEST Candles to Help You SLEEP BETTER?
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What are the BEST Candles to Help You SLEEP BETTER?
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