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9 Best Candles for Gifts You Will Be Happy To Buy

CREASHINE Scented Candles Gift Set

You want to buy a perfect gift for your beloved person, but you are out of ideas? Or you want to buy candles, but you don’t know which ones to choose?

Stay calm, a solution for all your problems is here!

Finding the best candles for gifts is not easy at all, especially if you want it to be unique and memorable. Of course, candles are considered a fantastic gift for a long time, but the question: “Which one to choose? “stays open. In this article, you’ll get the answer.

The 9 best candles for gifts are right here!

At the very beginning, I will tell you what is so special about these candles. Once you read all about them, you won’t only want to donate them but also receive them as a gift! Do you want to know more about them?

Check this out!

  • Gift Box – After reading this article, you’ll realize that every candle gift set comes in an unusual gift box. So, no need for wrapping it, and the first impression will be more than satisfying.
  • Creating a Warm Atmosphere – That is why we love candles, right? They spread fresh and relaxing fragrances. Suddenly, you can feel positive energy all over the place!
  • Ideal for Decoration – They fit literally in any room, from the kitchen to the bathroom. There are differences in their designs so that you can adjust your choice to your needs.

So many more things to say about 9 best candles for gifts, so I’ll start right away!

9 Best Candles for Gifts

#1 – Yinuo Candle Large Scented Candles Gifts Sets

Yinuo Candle Large Scented Candles Gifts Sets

And there we are, starting with an amazing candle gift set, ideal for every special occasion you can imagine. If you want to elicit a smile, this set will help you with that. But let me tell you something more about Yinuo Candle Large Scented Candles Gifts Sets.

The set contains four candles in four tins with a lid on the top of each candle. This means that you can carry them around easily, thanks to the cover. The natural soy wax is the main ingredient that makes them completely eco-friendly.

The first thing that will catch your eye is a beautiful floral design of Yinuo Candle Large Scented Candles Gifts Sets. It’s impossible for them to go unnoticed because bright, intense colors will draw everyone’s attention. So, their decorative effect is out of the question.

Candles come in four beautiful scents: lavender, gardenia, jasmine, and vanilla. It feels like heaven for your senses. The smell is not too strong, but it is noticeable and relaxing.

The list of advantages of this set doesn’t end here. There is more! You can use these lovely tins after the candle burns out. There are so many options. For example, you can plant a flower inside or use it as a jewelry box.

I believe I gave you enough reasons to buy this fantastic set. You won’t regret it if you buy it, because it’s an excellent gift for everyone. The only trouble is to resist the temptation to keep them for yourself!


  • Beautiful Design of the Set
  • Relaxing Scents
  • Reusable Tins


  • Light Scent

#2 – Y YUEGANG Soy Scented Candles Gifts Set

Y YUEGANG Soy Scented Candles Gifts Set

Once you try it, you will always come back for more Y YUEGANG Soy Scented Candles Gifts Set. That is how great this set is! There are so many benefits, so I’ll start with it right now.

Candles are made of natural soy wax and pure vegetable oil, which makes them entirely safe for you, your family, and your pets. They use lead-free cotton wick for a smokeless and long-lasting burn. Each candle burns for about 30 hours (and there are four candles in the set).

Their appearance is another satisfying thing about them. These colorful and fun tins will fit in into any home and add a dose of positive vibes. Once the candle burns out, you can re-use tins for a homemade candle or any other purpose.

Scents are absolutely delightful! Each candle has a different smell: lavender, rose, lemon, and Mediterranean fig. Some of them will help you relax, and some will clear your mind, so the choice is yours. But remember: every fragrance is pleasant and not too strong, but still noticeable enough.

The package of Y YUEGANG Soy Scented Candles Gifts Set is a cherry on top. The gift box is colorful, just like the candles inside. You also get a gift card to express your special wishes. It looks exactly like a perfect gift!

All in all, buying this set is the best decision you can make. I can’t find anything to dislike about it, and the only option is to be genuinely impressed after receiving a gift set like this one.


  • Pleasant Scents
  • Long-lasting Candles
  • Perfect Gift


  • No Cons Found

#3 – YINUO LIGHT Scented Candles Gifts Set

YINUO LIGHT Scented Candles Gifts Set

Is the dilemma to keep YINUO LIGHT Scented Candles Gifts Set for yourself or give it to your loved ones? This is a hard decision to make because you’ll fall in love with this set at first sight! There is a little bit closer observation of the gift set.

The first word that comes into my mind when I talk about this gift set is – elegance. There is something special about this design: colors are lovely and unobtrusive. Previous sets I observed are colorful, but this one is neutral so it can fit anywhere.

Fragrances are precisely the ones you need after a long day at work. Vanilla, rosemary, lavender, and freesia will create a real aromatherapy atmosphere. This stress relief effect is one of the essential things about candles, so there is another reason to buy it.

YINUO LIGHT Scented Candles Gifts Set contains four unique candles, with their fragrances. Candles are 100% natural (made of soy wax), and they are entirely safe for people and the environment. The complaint might go to small tins because you can’t get enough of these pleasant smells.

This set looks exactly like one gift should look like, so you don’t have to wrap it or do anything additionally. Whether you’re buying it for your beloved person, your mother, or work partner – you won’t be ashamed when you see their reaction to this fantastic set.


  • Elegant Design
  • Delightful Smell


  • Small Tins

#4 – TOFU Scented Candles Gifts Set

TOFU Scented Candles Gifts Set

I have to admit it:

I’m pretty excited about writing about TOFU Scented Candles Gifts Set because it is an exceptional set that will not leave you indifferent. Comparing to other gift candles, it looks and smells totally different. So let’s start!

The first thing you’ll notice is an extraordinary look of this gift set, for sure. Dark glass of the jars and recycled kraft paper label makes the set looks vintage and a little bit oldfashioned. That is why it can fit perfectly into your sleeping room, bathroom, or other cozy places.

The crucial thing about scented candles is their aromatherapy effect, and TOFU Scented Candles Gifts Set provides you that. You should light it while taking a bath, having a romantic dinner, or reading a book. Whatever you do, with these candles atmosphere will be much more relaxing!

For such a relaxing atmosphere, you can thank exotic fragrances this set offers. There are three combinations of scents: French cade and lavender, Japanese persimmon and copal, and goji berry and tarroco orange. These sweet, but pretty light smells will overwhelm your senses.

In every set, there are three candles in jars. Jars are very decorative because of their vintage look. Of course, you are wondering if they are reusable. They are!

TOFU Scented Candles Gifts Set is suitable for any occasion, for any kind of celebration, for both men and women. That is why buying this set can be the right decision only.


  • Vintage Design
  • Exotic Fragrances


  • Only Three Candles in the Set

#5 – La Jolie Muse Candle Gift Set

La Jolíe Muse Candle Gift Set

Do you want nothing but the best for your beloved person? You’re taking choosing presents very seriously? La Jolie Muse Candle Gift Set won’t let you down, just the opposite! In the forthcoming rows, you can read something more about this fantastic set.

This is another elegant set but in its very own way. The cobalt blue glass with discrete floral details will catch attention wherever you put them: in your bathroom, bedroom, or living room. In the minimalistic styled home, La Jolie Muse Candle Gift Set is a real bull’s eye when it comes to the decoration.

As you can guess, a unique design is not the only feature this set offers. Coconut Berry, Rose Honey, Raspberry Fruit, and Nectar Basil are fragrances this set provides. Together with the original design of candles, it creates a mysterious and romantic atmosphere.

Just like the candles, the gift box is cobalt blue with a small floral print. Each candle is individually wrapped, and after that, they are packed all together. Essentially, it looks outstanding, which is one of the most important things about gifts.

After all, La Jolie Muse Candle Gift Set is an excellent solution if you want to make someone happy. Mother’s day, anniversary, Christmas: it is ideal for all celebrations. If the person likes a strong scent, you’ve just found what you’ve been looking for!


  • Elegant Design
  • Creates a Mysterious Atmosphere
  • Strong Scent


  • No Cons Found

#6 – iwax Scented Candles Set

iWax Scented Candles Set

Iwax Scented Candles Set is on the list of the 9 best candles for gifts for a reason. It provides beauty and quality. I am sure that fulfills all your requirements when it comes to choosing a present. You are wondering what is unusual about this set? Let’s find out!

With this set, I am coming back to colorful candles. Their funny design will bring joy to anyone’s home, and that is why this is a perfect gift. They can fit even in some elegant and neutral spaces. Actually, they look very decorative anywhere.

There are four candles in the iwax Scented Candles Set. The shape of these candles is unique, because they have small pedestals on the bottom, giving them a distinctive look. The pedestal doesn’t heat up, so you can put these candles anywhere, and you can carry them even while burning.

Each candle smells different. There is lemon, rose, mint, and lavender fragrances in the set, so whoever gets this set as a present can choose which one to light on which occasion. However, the scent is pretty light, which might be a problem if you like strong scents.

Just like all candles here, these are also made of natural soy wax. They are environmental-friendly, so you don’t have to feel bad while using them (or donating them).

All in all, this is one more decorative aromatherapy candle that can put a smile on the faces of your special people. A unique gift box is the first thing that will impress them, but candles are even more impressive. Nevertheless, this set might not be the one for you if you like really strong scents.


  • Decorative Design
  • Low Price


  • Mild Scent

#7 – Shiness SPA Candles Gift Set

Shiness SPA Candles Gift Set

Well, this is something for people who are willing to put a hand a little bit deeper in the pocket for a present. Of course, for a higher price, you’ll undoubtedly get a high-quality set and a gift that brings real joy to its recipients.

The first thing you’ll notice is that the manufacturer pays attention to the package. A gift box is a beautiful present by itself, that is how decorative it is. But, when you open it, there are four beautiful candles and enchanting fragrances.

93% of these candles are soy wax, and 7% is the aroma. That is why they are completely eco-friendly and harmless to human health. Each candle burns for more than 35 hours, which is excellent! But don’t expect large candles because they are small.

Fragrances are these: lavender-eucalyptus, rose, mango-coconut, and fig. Some of these will make you feel stress-relieved, the others will bring some positive vibes because of their fruity notes. In each case, you’ll get a relaxing atmosphere.

A fantastic thing about the Shiness SPA Candles Gift Set is that you can use them as SPA candles while doing yoga or having a romantic dinner. Also, they are a great choice for outdoor, camping or simple for a garden.

Out of doubt, this set is a perfect gift for your friends and family. As I said in the beginning, if you decide to invest more money, you’ll get pure quality.


  • Decorative Pattern
  • Strong Scents


  • High Price
  • Small Size

#8 – ANNIKA JADE – Blue Candles Gift Set

ANNIKA JADE - Blue Candles Gift Set

Do you know a person who wants to feel spring freshness during the entire year? If so, here is an ideal gift for that person or yourself (if you are that person)! Let me tell you something more about it.

ANNIKA JADE – Blue Candles Gift Set is another representative of elegance. A simple but effective pattern looks stylish and luxurious. It will fit perfectly with a neutral wall or furniture colors.

As I already mentioned, these candles are able to bring spring into any home in any season. You can thank its amazing fragrance on it. The scent is a perfect combination of vanilla, jasmine, lavender, and gardenia. I’m sure that you can already feel how perfectly that smells!

There are three small candles in the jars, but still, they look imposing. Blue sky jars will decorate any room in your home, not to mention that you can use them even after the candles burn out. Yes, they won’t lose purpose!

Thanks to the cotton wick you’ll get a clean and long-lasting burn. There are no added artificial colors in the natural soy wax, so you can use it without feeling guilt or concern.

Forget about limits:

ANNIKA JADE – Blue Candles Gift Set is a fantastic present for every occasion and no occasion at all. The beautiful fresh scent is made to overwhelm the entire room and all senses. Your friends will be thankful if you buy it for them!


  • Elegant Design
  • Fresh Scent


  • Small Size

#9 – CREASHINE Scented Candles Gift Set

CREASHINE Scented Candles Gift Set

And last but not least, is this awesome CREASHINE Scented Candles Gift Set right here! There are so many things to tell about this so that I won’t waste time. Let’s skip to review!

This set left me absolutely speechless in the first place because of its simplicity, but mind-blowing features at the same time. When I think of a perfect gift for a candle lover, CREASHINE Scented Candles Gift Set is one of the first things that come in my mind.

Unlike other sets, this one contains eight candles! I already have your attention, right? So, you get eight lovely candles in a gift box and a gift card for your best wishes. As a matter of fact, a gift box and candles are not very colorful, but they look somehow sophisticated and charming.

Fragrances are a particular story: each candle has its unique smell. The scents are strawberry, mint, vanilla, spring, rose, lemon, green zen, and lavender. Imagine how your senses react when you light any of these candles. Unbelievable!

I don’t have any complaints about their size either. Candles are not large, but they are also not too small. You get exactly what you pay for; there are no disappointments.

So, could anyone complain about a gift like this one? I’ll tell you something: I would be more than happy to receive such a lovely and useful present. And I am sure that every candle lover feels the same way about the CREASHINE Scented Candles Gift Set.


  • Eight Candles in the Set
  • Delightful Fragrances
  • Charming Look


  • No Cons Found

As you can see, it’s was hard to find anything to dislike about these sets. That is not surprising because, after all, we are talking about the best candles for gifts.

3 Substantial Items to Consider Before Buying Gift Candles

Before you make your decision, I’ll give you a concluding piece of advice. These are three essential things that you have to pay attention to:

  • Design – When you’re buying any gift, you take care of its appearance, am I right? So, it is entirely logical to pay attention to the gift box and the look of the candles. Your first task is to decide if you want the elegant candle or the colorful one.
  • Fragrance – Basically, we all buy scented candles because of their relaxing aromatherapy scents. As you could see, some candles have a strong smell, while others have a mild odor.
  • Price – It is a crucial item before buying any type of present. The same goes for candles.

Summary on 9 Best Candles for Gifts

The final decision is yours, but I would recommend buying CREASHINE Scented Candles Gift Set. It is a perfect combination of quantity and quality, not to mention its amazing fragrances that will fill the room with positive vibes.

However, none of these sets could be a wrong decision. 9 best candles for gifts in one place, and each will bring joy to the recipient! You just have to decide which one you like the most.

If you are interested in re-using your old tins or jars and making homemade candles, check out my guide for best candle making kits. You won’t regret it!

9 Best Candles for Gifts You Will Be Happy To Buy
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9 Best Candles for Gifts You Will Be Happy To Buy
Finding the best candles for gifts is not easy at all, especially if you want it to be unique and memorable. Of course, candles are considered a fantastic gift for a long time, but the question: "Which one to choose? "stays open. In this article, you'll get the answer.
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